24 May 2006


Yesterday I went to the Cardinals vs Giants baseball game with the Washington Univ. alumni association. I got to talk to some '64 and '65 crusty alumni at dinner before the game. Things were a lot different back then....

The game was fun and exciting. Barry Bonds hit some base hits, fielded a ball (missed one too). There was a throwout between 3rd and Home, and a cliff hanger at the end, when after a pitcher change, he managed to walk four Giants, and it was one home run away from snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory. But then five pitches and 2 strikes later and a fly ball, and it was all over.

The project at work continues its glacial pace.

10 May 2006

Sunny weekend - busy week

Now the sun is out, ski season is clearly over (with gas at $3.33 I'm not going up by myself for slush).

The last couple of weekends have featured a series of brunches with friends and they were all alot of fun. Work has been ok, many things not working so well, but even that seems to be clearing up today as I figured out a work around for a major bug.

I saw Mission Impossible III - as one review said "It was all peak - no rest or valley" and you got to see Felicity shoot a pistol at bad guys. If you want action - and a lot more plot than some of the shoot 'em ups - its a win.

Lots of end of term stuff going on, people graduating, Spring Concerts (Perfect Fifth, AiR) and I got to see the author of Piled Higher and Deeper - my favourite comic strip - at Berkeley.

Busy busy...

01 May 2006

Great Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend. I had a relaxing late evening at the Co-op I help run, followed by helping two of my friends with a garage sale on Saturday, an a cappella concert by one of my friends. This was followed by an amazing housewarming party (that lasted until 3 AM). Got to see lots of old friends and meet some interesting new people.

Sunday I had brunch at La Note with more friends including one of my professor friends from UCSD. In the afternoon I went hiking with a friend at Windy Peak - where we often used to go on Bab-5 hikes.

Windy Hill from Space