16 March 2007

Kitchen update

Well the kitchen is fully demoshed, plumber comes money to move a gas line and see if I can put a sink in the bar, possibly not.
This weekend we are going skiing, its about 70+ here, I'm taking the Hawaiian shirts and my shorts.

Here are the photos from the last dinner party, with scenes from the old kitchen, and the first round of removal.

Fully demolished pictures to follow...


14 March 2007

This Old House (improvements 4.0)

The latest version of house improvement (4.0) has begun - the olde kitchen is gone, ripped out by the roots, the new kitchen is in the garage, awaiting installation. The electrician has been hired and I have two bids on the way for the floor.

Saturday we were on the hunt for granite, tile, and microwaves, and good progress was made on all fronts, though the stove hood shop in SF was closed for a special event which they did not mention on their answerphone when we called to make sure they would be open.

Saturday night we drove to Tahoe and spent the night at the cabin - Stephanie's leg was hurt from a Fall on Friday, and it was bothering her, so we sprung forward by sleeping in, bumming around the lake, and testing to see just how far Nevada was from the slopes (and hunting for ski cabins). We had a wonderful dinner in Truckee - I discovered peanut sauce and fish go together really, really well.

Pictures to follow.