27 October 2005

Tango, Argentine

Tonight was Argentine Tango and I think I've got it down pretty well - and I got to practice some waltz for Saturday, and despite feeling a bit under the weather dance went pretty well.

I got about half what I wanted to get finished at work today actually finished, but I did get a bunch of other things done. Tonnes of meetings in the morning, but if I can get one more thing actually finished I can move on to a more interesting project - just need to get my butt in gear.

Had tea with a friend I have not seen in a while which was fun - she found this new European import store and we tried some walnut (we thought spread, but it was more like candied). Lots of Eastern European and Russian stuff there apparently, including cheap E. European comfort food (i.e. scary soviet era type stuff).

24 October 2005

Weekend update

Weekend Update
I was pretty happy with Friday night's activities and Saturday afternoon was more of the same, I had lunch with some more people that I had not seen in a while, several interesting conversations (mostly about various institutions and people we know in common.

In the afternoon I cleaned house and went on a bike ride into the next town (a thing I like about New England and my little spot of California - you can do that). There was a street craft fair and I looked at a bunch of photographs - particularly a set taken in the Alaskan Wilderness Preserve and in San Francisco. Alas I seem to have lost his card.

In the evening I had a wonderful dinner with two friends and we had a wonderful evening of talking about big issues, little issues, and cats. I like the new cat. Sadly it was so much fun that I probably stayed too long for both their and my needs for sleep.

Which leads us to Sunday. I had a brunch I was running for my coop, and I wanted to get up at 7 to get there at 8.30 to help make things happen for 11. I fell asleep in my clothes, and managed to set the alarum but not turn it on. So I got there at 10.15. But it worked out. We had about 80 people for the reunion - the coops 25th and there were at least 20 small children. There were a number of nice speeches. We had a memorial for one of the alumni who died in a car accident. We honoured the founders, and several people said very nice things about me (since I have been running the board of directors for 6 years without having actually lived there, having taken over from the founders).

Sunday night I worked on cleaning house, my office, and getting some e-letters written.

22 October 2005

This week

Monday we had our second or third round of West Coast Swing dancing at Berkeley Ball Room Dance. I now feel reasonably confident dancing it, and we have enough turns to get through a song without getting tired of the moves. Just.

Tuesday I actually went home and worked on the enormous number of photos I need to process. But not of course on any of the other things that need doing. And spent too much time surfing while things were rendering...

Wednesday I went to Menlo Park and had a nice dinner from Pluto's and an interesting conversation with S. about what it means to leave the corporate world, do something else, and then go back. And the different things that are at stake when its just a job, or most of your capital at risk.

Thursday was Bab-5 in SF and K&B. Reconnected with a friend from a B-5 connection, but one that I don't usually see. Lots of fun conversations.

Which brings us to today - A really fun dinner with people I haven't had a chance to have a good conversation with in a long time.

Work was more productive this week, but this afternoon was a write off for reasons that are totally unclear. Housecleaning this weekend and dinner with friends on Saturday.

19 October 2005

Public Blog

I've had a private blog for a while, so this will be the public version, not quite as interesting, but just in case you wanted to keep track of what I am doing, this might - if I manage to post often enough, tell you something....