20 May 2007

Progress, housekeeping, and some TV (!)

Somehow the week seems to have gotten ahead of me, and all the sudden it is gone.
Monday I went home, started trying to clean up the house for Nikita and Lenor's arrival (after I will have left the state) so that its not entirely a dump for them.

Kitchen news:
The floor people have finished, the cabinet people are mostly finished, (still need to add handles, a couple of doors, and fix the damage from the flooring installers hand and foot work. They have installed a new cabinet for the microwave, and it fits!! actually the microwave compartment is a bit too big, but it has room for the next generation of microwaves I guess. Plenty of room for the hot air to escape. Little sign of additional work by the electricians. The faucets should arrive sometime this week.

Tuesday was the end of "Gilmore Girls" a show, not unlike "Sex in the City" I did not start watching and appreciate until nearly the end of its last season. It was a good ending to the show. Sadly this only leaves "Scrubs" and "House" in the stable of shows we watch that are not all in reruns. (Yes I am now, after a 4-5 year hiatus, watching a limited amount of TV again.)

Much upheaval at Stephanie's work, but that's for her mythical blog.

And today, a breakneck day at work, trying to get ready for my trip to Atlanta. It got pushed back to next week, which is sad, because I will not be home for Stephanie's birthday, which I was looking very much forward to, and it messed up the free trip I thought I was going to get out of the company for Reunions. (I'm still flying free on Southwest miles - a symbol of freedom.) (tm)

04 May 2007

Weekend spent cleaning house, painting interior of the bar cabinets, moving stuff around.

House got vacuumed for the first time in months.

Cleaned the Refrigerator!!! Threw out all the food from the previous millennium, scrubbed the interior with bleach, took out all the shelves and bins and ran cleaned them. Looks like new (on the inside) have to take handles off (soak in bleach) and turn door around.

Made a wonderful dinner from the Low Glycemic cookbook (one of our favourites) which we had on both Saturday and Sunday.

Stephanie went sailing on Sunday -I worked on the house. So far yet to go.

I am still hopeful that all the various trades people will all show up Tuesday morning and get everything running.

Tonight and Wednesday - clean out guest rooms.

03 May 2007

More construction news

The Kitchen is still stalled - the flooring contractor is being good about fixing things that, well, his men broke or did not do correctly the first time. Things look bleak for having the house ready for Mother's day - the template for the counter tops won't be measured until Tuesday. Stephanie is having friends in town, her mom is coming in and I was supposed to have a house full of guests. Sigh.

But on the good side, it's supposed to be sunny on Saturday - we are going sailing again on the Bay, this time with Stephanie's mom and her husband. Sunday appears to be unplanned, but will, I'm guessing, involve my kitchen, Stephanie's garden, and a walk.