27 April 2007

This week in construction

First, a Kitchen update because I know everyone is just as fascinated as I am.

The floor, I got a phone report in, is now 80% complete (one small section left because a few pieces of tile got broken when fixing the not level bits) which means appliances can be installed next week!

The electrician arrived this morning and will be wiring up all sorts of stuff - more power to the upstairs, the hot tub, the garage, the wine fridge. I spent two nights moving stuff out of the living room so that he would have room to work. Amazingly clear room now. This cost me a Thursday night with my urban tribe, not a great trade.

Stephanie found on Google what I was unable to find, a wine cellar that would fit on the sides of the stairs so at last those can be ordered. We also picked out faucets.

I finally got all the clutter out of my bedroom and the bathroom mostly de-cluttered (we have been watching home improvement shows about how to reorganize and redecorate, almost as bad as cooking shows - but its helping with the motivation.

The new allergy meds are doing wonders, the runny nose and sneezing and cough are almost all gone. Go go Fluticasone!

This weekend we are back up to Tahoe for the last of ski season. I'm giving it a 50/50 shot as to our actually putting on skis. Snowpack is at 49% of normal, and Stephanie is not expressing much motivation for skiing on slush. My knees would be happier if we didn't. But the ski cabin must be cleaned out.

24 April 2007

Another Kitchen Update

Since it is one of the main topics of conversation (at home and abroad) here's the latest on the Kitchen Project:
The following have arrived or will be delivered on demand: The sinks and the range. We still have to order: the faucets. (yea! that's it!)
The floor was installed, but the workmanship was iffy - the tiles were so uneven that we noticed the unevenness just walking across them in our shoes.
I am afraid the installer will have to redo over half the tiles, and since there are less than 2,500 sq ft of this tile left in the world, I hope he is able to get enough tile. I am not entirely happy about this...
The last of the cabinet work is ready to go, we are mostly waiting for the tile to be finished. In theory, there is a new cabinet being made to replace the one that is too small.
The electrician is ready to work on the rest of the stuff on Friday - pending above being finished.
The granite is waiting on the cabinet work, so that it can be measured and then there is a two week (estimated) wait for it to be cut and installed.

In related news Stephanie had a cleaning fit, and my room got vacuumed within an inch of its life. I don't blame her - I don't want to go home the the disaster mess either. Tonight I will steam clean the bathroom The allergies are getting bad enough that sometimes it sounds like I have consumption.

23 April 2007

Weekend update

In other news, now back to two weeks ago - Stephanie and I went sailing on Saturday - a 30' catermaran around the front Bay, and under the bridge. We saw two tall ships having a "battle" and managed to get a "cannon ball" through our sails only about once. Pictures on my facebook and on the web site one of these days.

We stayed overnight moored off of Angel Island. It was cool sleeping on the boat - have not done that in years, and we had a good time with Stephanie's sailing friends. Sunday we spent working on my house and then having a wonderful dinner with Wolff and Sarah and Kate (at least I think that's the order we did things, must write this down more often - so many things going on that they are getting jumbled). Had fun playing with Kate - we all read to her before bed. We had a great time with them. Nice to have small group interaction now and then.

The week was a blur - work is running mostly hot and cold - sometimes its crazy busy, sometimes less busy - or at least less urgent. See now.

Last weekend (as in a few days ago) we were going to go skiing maybe but the snow looked iffy (lots on the road, possibly as rain or wet at low elevations, and with really cold nights and warm days which I figured meant icy snow on the ground. And Stephanie was burnt out doing stuff (which we have done practically every weekend for months). So Saturday we slept in, hiked the Dish at Stanford (very cool you must all go and do it). Then about 9.15 I caught a ride to one of my friend's birthday party to save gas. Stephanie and I had previously agreed she would skip the really late party in favour of brunch on Sunday (also in the city). I eventually went home with Adam at 3 AM, the source of much amusement among our friends with whom we had dinner Sunday night.