17 July 2006

Arrg! Avast! see Pirates!

A few of us went to see the new Pirate's move Friday night. I did not manage to see the first movie on Wed, but this probably improved my view of the current one since I did not have as recent an experience of the better original version. Not that the new version was bad, but it was not as clever, the dialog was not as good, it did not track the ride as well, but if you put your brain in neutral (and hey, this isn't meant to me Good Night and Good Luck) then it was a lot of fun anyway.

Saturday I'm not sure what I did, but it was relaxing. Went car shopping. Then went to a wonderful party where I met several interesting new people, got to talk to a bunch of people I see fairly infrequently. Was great fun. Got home almost at 4 AM.

Sunday I went to the Menlo Park street fair and had a lovely afternoon.

09 July 2006

A busy week

Well it was a fascinating week. Monday I was at work, but only about half of the staff was in (and if I had thought about it, I might have gone somewhere for the long weekend, but I didn't so it was the salt mines for me. The 4th I already covered. Wednesday I was pretty productive. The next to last AVP had a retirement party - this now means there are only 4 or 5 senior executives who are not some kind of temporary, and lots of just empty spots. Some of them will be back part time, but there's a whole lot of empty on the top floor.

Thursday I actually got work done, and then went to Palo Alto/Menlo Park to hear some Jazz and have dinner with a friend, who I had called on the 4th after a long absence.

Friday was entirely lost to a staff meeting, the good bye lunch for my boss, 30 minutes of email, the retirement party for one of the people (recently in my work group) who I worked with on a lot of UC Merced stuff. Then it was off to a "7's" party (7 themed drinks, food, decorations {movie posters} held by a friend who recently got promoted at Berkeley. Most of the people there were in development or Berkeley faculty, which was fun. Then it was off to the housewarming party for Corey and Chris. They have the cutest little black kitty. We all had fun trying to wear out the cat, probably unsuccessfully. I was pretty late at 11ish but there was a steady stream of interesting people in and out until 3.30ish.

That, of course made me late for David and Morgan's big move from Berkeley to Palo Alto. But we had a great brunch at a pie restaurant in Berkeley/Oakland. Then we drove down to their new cottage, met up with the South Bay crew and unloaded everything. After dinner I met up for drinks with my Menlo Park friend.

Sunday was HomeDespot day - bought some tools, deck improvement/maintenance supplies, and some more night lights. Poked around at the (closed) pre-owned car shop to see what they had. Worked on house, and getting pictures on line.

04 July 2006

4th of July

Saturday I went to the fractional birthday party/house cooling for Morgan and David. It was a lot of fun. got to know a few new dance people, see Ping, Andy, and Ruth spin fire! And there was much good food and great sangria and BBQ and sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun, and huge pillow fights.

Sunday I recovered from the party, spent the afternoon with Anna, and then saw Thank You For Smoking at the Parkway with Rachel, Brendan and Anita. Must go to the Parkway more often! It was good movie. Amazingly no one smoked during a movie about smoking.

Yesterday I succeeded in getting out of work semi early and getting my hair cut. I then managed to harvest most of the plum crop. Despite trying to go to be early, I failed and then slept in until past 1.

Today I went to some friends from college (actually their college, my grad school) - whom I have known nearly forever and sometimes get invited on family trips with - to their BBQ for the celebration of The Insurrection Against His Majesty's Lawful Government day. It was a lot of fun, lots of cute kids running around, good food, good sangria and I got to catch up a little from my friend from college (who just moved back) and her sisters, and plan further activities in the near future.